General Education

Courses Open to Students of all Faculties and Departments

Producing the Well-Educated, Well-Rounded Graduates Society Needs.

A broad range of education is vital for giving students opportunities to encounter various perspectives and develop a flexible mindset during their university career. Courses from many different disciplines are open to students of all faculties and departments. They help create more well-rounded graduates while providing a flexible and varied framework to help students consider various approaches to their lives after graduation.

Basic Courses

From Self-Discovery to Better Communication.

A set of four courses. Self-Discovery examines notions of "self" and "other". University Exploration allows students to learn about universities by taking part in school events. Career Design helps students select future career paths. Japanese for the Working World helps students improve their verbal communication skills needed for career placement.

Courses for Discovery

Exposure to Different Viewpoints to Prepare Students for the Future.

A set of two courses dealing with ways of thinking. Methods of Science examines scientific ways of looking at the world and scientific techniques. Examining Reality covers topics such as current events widely reported in the media. Course instructors are sometimes joined by invited guests such as newspaper reporters and other professionals in key careers.

Courses for Self-Improvement

A Varied Selection of Courses to Satisfy Diverse Learning Needs.

A wide variation of courses encompass fields such as health, sports, fine arts, life sciences, natural sciences and overseas training. Designed to aid student self-improvement, this set of courses lets students choose and study the subjects that best match their areas of interest and curiosity.

Media Courses

Skills for the Global Era.

The media courses help students improve communication skills needed to function in a multicultural society. The course on computers and the Internet teaches how these technologies work, aiming to give students the skills needed in a digital age. Additional courses on specific software and specific qualification / accreditation exams are also offered.

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