Department of Japanese Language and Culture

Department Overview

Making New Inroads Into Culture: The Four Programs

The Hospitality Program is designed for students who want to work in the hotel, travel, airline or wedding planning industries. The Communication Program prepares graduates to become voice specialists. The Modern Audiovisual Culture Program examines the next generation of content originating from Japan, covering fields ranging from traditional culture to modern animation. The Japanese Language and Culture Program gives students a deeper understanding of Japanese language and culture. It is designed for students who want to qualify as school teachers of Japanese, librarians, or teachers of Japanese as a second or foreign language.

Teaching Aims

Department coursework covers a wide range of areas, starting with the basics of correct Japanese and insights into Japanese culture. The courses are designed to help students gain the qualifications they will need in the future and impart skills that will be useful in many areas.

Teaching Aims

Why the Department of Japanese Language and Culture?

Students learn introductory material on Japanese language and culture in their first year before deciding on a program of study.
First year classes cover a wide range of introductory material in areas such as modern, children's and classical literature, Japanese-language education, and hospitality studies. Students receive a solid foundation that allows them to make informed decisions about study areas for future goals.
The programs offer specialized material tailored to future goals.
Starting in their second year, students take specialized courses matching their areas of interest and future goals. The coursework allows for a better understanding of Japanese language and culture, helping them gain the qualifications and skills needed for a wide range of fields.


The four programs help students acquire qualifications and skills useful for the future.

Major Accreditations and Licenses Open to Graduates

  • High School Teacher's License Type 1 (Japanese)
  • Junior High School Teacher's License Type 1 (Japanese)
  • Assistant Hospitality Coordinator
  • Librarian
  • Curator
Students who want to teach Japanese as a foreign language:
  • Konan Women's University Japanese Language Teacher Training Program
Students who want to work in the hospitality industry:
  • Konan Women's University Hospitality Program

Major Related Accreditations

  • JATA General Travel Handling Manager (Domestic)
  • JATA General Travel Itinerary Manager (Domestic Tour Conductor)
  • Travel Geography Testing Association Accreditation
  • Announce Kentei (Announcer's Test)
  • Hotelier Proficiency Test
  • Hanashi Kotoba Kentei (Japanese Communication Test)
  • Japan Kanji Aptitude Test®
  • Test of World Heritage Study

Typical Careers and Employment Chosen by Graduates

  • Announcer / narrator
  • Hotel, travel, airline and wedding planning industries
  • Industries related to publishing, news media and education
  • Junior high or high school Japanese teacher
  • Teacher of Japanese as a second language to returnee children or foreign students
  • Teacher of Japanese as a foreign language (either at a private-sector educational facility or working overseas for government-sponsored organizations such as Japanese Overseas Cooperation Volunteers)
  • Librarian
  • Museum curator
  • Graduate school
  • Other corporate work

Time and Credits Needed to Graduate

Four years, at least 124 credits.

 Degree Received by Graduates

Bachelor's Degree (Japanese Language and Culture).

Faculties and Graduate Schools

  • Faculty of Letters
    • Department of Japanese Language and Culture
    • Department of English Language and Culture
    • Department of Multicultural Communications
    • Department of Creative Media Studies
  • Faculty of Human Sciences
  • Faculty of Nursing and Rehabilitation
Graduate Schools
  • Graduate School of Humanities and Human Sciences
  • Graduate School of Nursing
General Education
  • General Education
  • Campus Map
  • Center For External Affairs

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