Department of Creative Media Studies

Department Overview

Unique Interpersonal Communication Skills.

The Department of Creative Media Studies provides a comprehensive understanding of the workings and structures of the various forms of media that play a vital role in communication today. Coursework teaches students how to get the most out of today's media to improve their ability to express themselves.

Teaching Aims

The Department aims to help students understand the workings and structures of today's media, and give them the skills needed to put it to full use. Students learn how to create as well as how to communicate effectively.

Teaching Aims

Why the Department of Creative Media Studies?

The three study areas match individual student goals.
The Department's new curriculum covers three study areas - (1) Media Research, (2) Video Expression, and (3) Body/Space Expression. Students can freely customize their coursework to match their future ambitions.
Top-class professionals teach cutting-edge technology.
Department courses include many seminars taught by professionals at the forefront of the media industry, providing opportunities for students to learn the latest technology used in various industries. Students can also access hands-on learning opportunities at professional media production sites.
Satisfy the creative impulse.
Students receive a wide range of knowledge and practical media experience. In addition to viewing animation, movies, advertising, photographs and computer graphics, they also receive opportunities to satisfy their creative impulse by making and presenting their own works.


Learning to convey information in a uniquely individual way while learning communication skills.

Major Accreditations and Licenses Open to Graduates

  • Librarian
  • Curator

Major Related Accreditations

  • Multimedia Kentei
  • CG Kentei (CG Creator Kentei, CG Engineer Kentei)
  • Shikisai Kentei® (Test in Color Coordination)

Typical Careers and Employment Chosen by Graduates

  • Advertising agencies
  • Mass-media companies
  • Apparel / fashion industry
  • Animation production companies
  • Corporate planning departments / PR and publicity departments
  • Publishing companies
  • Freelance writer
  • Copywriter
  • Content creator

Time and Credits Needed to Graduate

Four years, at least 124 credits.

Degree Received by Graduates

Bachelor's Degree (Creative Media Studies).

Faculties and Graduate Schools

  • Faculty of Letters
    • Department of Japanese Language and Culture
    • Department of English Language and Culture
    • Department of Multicultural Communications
    • Department of Creative Media Studies
  • Faculty of Human Sciences
  • Faculty of Nursing and Rehabilitation
Graduate Schools
  • Graduate School of Humanities and Human Sciences
  • Graduate School of Nursing
General Education
  • General Education
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  • Center For External Affairs

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