Department of Multicultural Communications

Department Overview

Three Programs Teach the Skills Sought by Today's International Society.

The Extended Foreign Study Program teaches students practical language skills and independence through study-abroad programs lasting between six months and one year. The International Aid Project Program allows students to take part in public aid projects in an international environment. The International Education Program teaches English and other foreign languages, producing graduates with a well-rounded international education.

Teaching Aims

The Department aims to improve language skills and give students a better understanding of other cultures. Coursework imparts the knowledge and education needed for an increasingly globalized world, giving students the skills they need for careers in many areas.

Teaching Aims

Why the Department of Multicultural Communications?

The three programs cover a diverse range of areas, preparing graduates for jobs in the international arena.
Department coursework helps students better understand diverse cultures and ways of thinking in today's increasingly globalized world. The three highly specialized programs teach the communication skills necessary for international lifestyles.
The comprehensive approach hones student ability to interact with other cultures and learn practical foreign language and communication skills.
Students develop flexible ways of thinking and learn to embrace pro-active attitudes they will need for international lifestyles. The coursework provides the expertise students will need to interact with other cultures from a global perspective. It is applicable to careers in the airline and travel industries, NGOs, NPOs, international government agencies, and employers in a wide range of fields.


Knowledge and education to prepare graduates for a wide range of jobs anywhere in the world.

Major Accreditations and Licenses Open to Graduates

  • High School Teacher's License Type 1 (English)
  • Junior High School Teacher's License Type 1 (English)
  • Librarian
  • Curator

Major Related Accreditations

  • TOEFL®
  • TOEIC®
  • Practical French Proficiency Test
  • Official Evaluation of Spanish Language Knowledge
  • Indonesian Language Proficiency Examination
  • Korean Language Proficiency Test / Hangul Proficiency Test
  • Mandarin Chinese Proficiency Test / Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi

Typical Careers and Employers Chosen by Graduates

  • Airlines
  • Hotels
  • Travel agencies
  • ICT industry
  • Mass-media industry
  • International government agencies
  • Japanese government agencies
  • Coordinator of learning programs for international understanding
  • NGO / NPO
  • Foreign diplomatic service
  • Junior high / high school English teacher
  • Study abroad programs
  • Graduate school

Time and Credits Needed to Graduate

Four years, at least 124 credits.

Degree Received by Graduates

Bachelor's Degree (Arts and Sciences).

Faculties and Graduate Schools

  • Faculty of Letters
    • Department of Japanese Language and Culture
    • Department of English Language and Culture
    • Department of Multicultural Communications
    • Department of Creative Media Studies
  • Faculty of Human Sciences
  • Faculty of Nursing and Rehabilitation
Graduate Schools
  • Graduate School of Humanities and Human Sciences
  • Graduate School of Nursing
General Education
  • General Education
  • Campus Map
  • Center For External Affairs

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