Department of Nursing

Department Overview

Preparing Graduates Who Can Function in a Wider Range of Areas to Meet the Nursing Needs of Japan's Aging Population.

Today's nursing staff are being called upon to function as members of medical teams, able to help provide solutions to the issues of patients and their families. To help meet these demands, some classes in the Department of Nursing are offered in conjunction with the Department of Physical Therapy. Highly concentrated training in practical skills starts from the first year.

Teaching Aims

The Department gives students a systematic four-year nursing program designed to prepare them to meet the needs of Japan's aging population with a wide range of nursing capabilities.

Teaching Aims

Why the Department of Nursing?

The systematic four-year nursing program covers everything from basics to specializations.
The Department is designed to teach practical nursing skills. Starting from the first year, students combine the Department's basic specialized and specialized courses with general education courses and courses offered by other departments. There are also opportunities for practical training in the field that help increase student interest.
To learn nursing knowledge and communication skills.
Students study a wide range of nursing knowledge and skills with a solid scientific grounding, and learn the skills needed to communicate with patients and workers in other professions.
To learn medical teamwork in courses offered in conjunction with the Department of Physical Therapy.
Classes offered with the Department of Physical Therapy include Medical Theory and Medical Communication. They are designed to teach the specializations and roles of each field required for medical teamwork.


Preparing graduates able to provide high-quality practical nursing skills in today's increasingly diverse nursing workplaces.

Major Accreditations and Licenses Open to Graduates

  • Registered Nurse
  • Public health nurse(elective) *
  • Midwife (elective) *
  • Yogo Teacher (elective)
Subject to a national exam.

Typical Careers and Employers Chosen by Graduates

Registered Nurses
  • University hospitals
  • National hospitals
  • Prefectural hospitals
  • Municipal hospitals
  • Private hospitals
  • Cancer centers
Public health nurse
  • Public health centers
  • Local health centers
  • Industrial health centers
  • Maternity wards
Yogo teacher
  • Elementary, junior high and high schools

Time and Credits Needed to Graduate

Four years, at least 128 credits.

Degree Received by Graduates

Bachelor's Degree (Nursing).

Faculties and Graduate Schools

  • Faculty of Letters
  • Faculty of Human Sciences
  • Faculty of Nursing and Rehabilitation
    • Department of Nursing
    • Department of Physical Therapy
Graduate Schools
  • Graduate School of Humanities and Human Sciences
  • Graduate School of Nursing
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