Master's Program in Language and Literature

Wide-Ranging Study Programs With Diverse Approaches Create the Skills in Demand Today.

The Master's Program in Language and Literature offers comparative study programs of Japanese or Western literature, languages and cultures. Students research the characteristics and interrelationships of each field from an international, broad-based perspective. The programs are designed to prepare graduates to become researchers and professionals with the skills in demand today, ready to fill positions in the working world. Students specialize in either of two programs (Japanese Language and Literature or English Language and Literature), giving them a broad range of perspectives tailored to their interests and ambitions.

Master's Program in Language and Literature

Japanese Language and Literature Program

Students set a research topic to examine and investigate an area of specialization. The coursework provides an opportunity to re-evaluate Japanese culture and consider its importance in the age of globalization.

English Language and Literature Program

Students pursue specialized research from a wide range of perspectives in areas such as the literature and culture of the English-speaking world, English linguistics, sociolinguistics and communication theory.

Programs and Degrees

  • Master's Program, Master's Degree (Literature)
  • Doctoral Program, Doctorate (Literature)

Faculties and Graduate Schools

  • Faculty of Letters
  • Faculty of Human Sciences
  • Faculty of Nursing and Rehabilitation
Graduate Schools
  • Graduate School of Humanities and Human Sciences
    • Master's Program in Language and Literature
    • Master's Program in Psychology and Education
    • Master's Program in Sociology, Anthropology and Environmental Studies
  • Graduate School of Nursing
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