Master's Program in Nursing

Preparing Tomorrow's Educators, Researchers and Leaders With High-Quality Advanced Practical Training.

To address the demands of today's increasingly sophisticated and diverse medical industry, the Master's Program in Nursing was designed to ensure a supply of high-quality nursing services and meet a wide range of patient needs. Students pursue practical research driven by theories of nursing and various other disciplines, applying and sharing their findings in the field. The Master's Program prepares them to become educators and researchers who can take on new research challenges, and gives them the basic skills needed to continue their education with the Doctoral Program.

Master's Program in Nursing

Training Specialist Nurses.

Consisting of courses similar to the Advanced Practice Nurse Program, the curriculum gives students the six capabilities needed by Certified nurse Specialists: (1) Excellent nursing practice, (2) Educational skills, (3) Consulting skills, (4) Coordinating skills, (5) Research skills, and (6) Ethical coordinating skills. The coursework currently trains specialist nurses in three fields (cancer nursing, gerontological nursing). It is designed to produce graduates with the practical ability and creativity needed to meet the needs of today's increasingly sophisticated medical industry and Japan's aging population.

Practical Nursing Studies

Practical philosophy of nursing aims to re-examine nursing from a practical standpoint, and pursue research that will help establish this area as an academic field. Research areas include wide-ranging studies on the nature of nursing, examinations of nursing skills (including management perspectives), and the state of nursing education that teaches practical nursing skills. Applicants with abundant practical experience are particularly welcome in this field.

Women's Health Nursing Studies

Women's health nursing studies provides a comprehensive biological and psychosocial understanding of the health of women throughout their lives. It examines nursing initiatives designed to improve women's health, better their quality of life, and aid in their self-realization. Different health issues affect women at different stages of life development, from childhood to adulthood and old age. This field produces graduates who can address women's health issues and needs.

Cancer Nursing Studies

Cancer nursing studies teaches students the concepts and theories that form the foundation of nursing for cancer patients and their families, while providing students with the skills to make comprehensive assessments. The field also examines practical research on areas of advanced specialized assistance such as (1) general nursing care, palliative care and terminal-stage care for the pain and suffering of patients undergoing multidisciplinary treatment, and (2) steady assistance provided to help improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

Senior-Care Nursing Studies

Gerontological nursing studies teaches the various schools of thought on how to provide health and fitness support for the aging and elderly. By analyzing and assessing the nursing needs of patients with the characteristic illnesses and disorders of the elderly, it examines methodologies conducive to patient health and better living. It deals in practical research to aid the development of advanced specialized assistance techniques, such as care techniques to improve the quality of life of patients and family members dealing with complex and diverse problems such as seniors with severe dementia.

Community Nursing Studies

Community health nursing studies examines Japan's continually evolving regional communities from a wide range of perspectives. It explores the many different theories and skills used to implement health maintenance activities in line with theoretical corroboration, as needed to protect public health. It gives students a better understanding of the methods needed to gather, analyze, manage and assess information when implementing community nursing activities, and refers to practical research in the area of public health nursing.

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