International Students Page

Every year, Konan Women's University accepts exchange students and short-term cultural research students from our partner universities in addition to privately funded international students enrolled as regular students. The Office of International Affairs and Communications provides general support and advice to ensure that all international students enjoy their time at university.

International Students

Orientation for International Students

The Office of International Affairs and Communications holds an orientation for new international students every April at the beginning of the first semester. The office also holds orientation sessions in April and September where exchange students can get help with procedures for starting student life in Japan. The office also provides new students with opportunities to meet with international students who have already been at KWU for some time.

Mail Boxes and Bulletin Boards

The Office of International Affairs and Communications has mail boxes for the use of international students. The office also has a bulletin board where students can find postings about scholarships for international students, upcoming events, part-time work, and a variety of other information.

International Students' Handbook

Contains a variety of useful information for international students.

  1. Enrollment procedures (visas)
  2. Dormitories
  3. Post-enrollment procedures
  4. Visa and residency permits
  5. Studying Japanese
  6. Setting up a bank account
  7. Scholarships
  8. Illness, injuries, and emergencies
  9. Useful information about life in Japan
  10. After graduation
  11. Leaving Japan
  12. The Center for External Affairs and Development and the Office of International Affairs and Communications

International Programs

  • Study Abroad
  • Support for International Students
    • International Students Page
    • Scholarships for International Students
  • Campus Map
  • Center For External Affairs
  • Introduction to the University
  • Faculties and Graduate Schools
  • International Programs
  • Community Outreach
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