Message from the President

Katsuaki Morita, President

Since its founding in 1920, Konan Women’s Academy has supported the educational endeavors of women in the spirit of fostering humane individuals.

Konan Women’s University, having celebrated its 54th anniversary, continues to support the higher education of women with a well-rounded and progressive liberal arts education.

Our school motto, “Be truthful, be just, be kind, and be strong”, serves as the foundation for developing learner potential at our university. Skillful communication (be truthful), a sense of fairness (be just), a strong mind that embraces diversity (be kind), and the ability to survive in an increasingly complex world (be strong) is at the heart of our educational objectives. Our approach to achieving these fundamental objectives is to educate the whole person, respect individuality, and to embrace learning with an independent and creative spirit.

Professional knowledge and training in tandem with a solid liberal arts education are seen as essential for “educating the whole person”. Respect for individuality and learning with an independent mind and creative spirit serve as guiding principles. Our educational practices encourage independent study and critical thinking, along with practical knowledge and skills within a spirit of scientific inquiry. In order to nurture this, our students are engaged in learning where minds are stimulated to think, to criticize, and to express freely. As such, this “active learning” is essential for improving the quality of education at our institution.

In response to social changes in recent years, we have set up faculties and departments that allow graduates to earn professional qualifications that serve the needs of a rapidly changing society such as our Faculty of Nursing and Rehabilitation and Department of Childhood Development and Education. Our university currently houses four faculties with eleven departments and two graduate schools. These include the Faculty of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Faculty of Nursing and Rehabilitation, Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Human Sciences, the Graduate School of Nursing and the Graduate School of Humanities and Human Sciences. We see our mission as supporting the education of professional women who possess a keen awareness of culture, the spirit to contribute to society and a strong drive to realize their goals.

In two years Konan Women’s Academy will mark its 100th anniversary. We will continue to support student engagement with the learning process from admission until graduation; and foster women who are active in society and who will contribute to local communities, the region, and the larger international community. Continual efforts will be made to adapt to the educational needs of contemporary students and strive for recognition as a hub for developing new areas in educational practice in higher education for women into the next 100 years.

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