Educational Philosophy and Founding Principles

Educational Philosophy

Mission Statement

To cultivate women with a strong desire to serve society, equipped with grace and a cosmopolitan spirit, based on our founding principles.

  • To foster solid specialist knowledge built on humanistic values and common sense, and to cultivate a firm foundation for actively contributing to society.
  • To cultivate compassion that enables genuine commitment to the service of others.
  • To cultivate independence and creativity, through self-dependent study and critical thinking, as well as practical knowledge, skills, judgment, and a spirit of scientific inquiry.

Ideal Aspirations

  • To be true to oneself and to be able to communicate faithfully with others.
  • To be courteous, and to be able to respond flexibly to challenges with the determination to penetrate to the truth of things.
  • To understand and accept the unfamiliar with a broad perspective, and to be able to work hard for the benefit of others.
  • To be able to apply oneself fully with courage and power without fear of failure.

Founding Principles

Founding Spirit

Nurturing Truly Humane Individuals.

Educational Policies

Education for the whole person, respect for individuality, and learning with an independent and creative spirit.

School Motto

Be pure (in heart), be truthful, be kind, and be strong.

University Emblem

The university emblem symbolizes the school motto. The six points on the outside represent green pine trees, while the hexagon on the inside represents snow. At the center of the emblem are the two kanji characters for ko (for Konan) and dai (for university) with a clover leaf on each side.
The snow at the center of the emblem symbolizes "purity"; the clover leaves symbolize "kindness"; the overall regular shape symbolizes "truth"; and the green pine trees symbolize "strength".

University Emblem

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